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What Is Coming Soon Homes?

The first step to putting your home on the market for sale happens even before you open the doors! 

We’re a nationwide website and a worldwide resource

Buyers need to find and purchase the home they want before someone else does. They need a way to preview homes that aren't available for purchase yet, but will be soon. Now, they can! On, prospective buyers can check out photos, floor plans, virtual tours, and more -- all before your home makes its market debut! What does that mean to you? (1) A jam-packed open house (2) Serious, motivated buyers (3) multiple offers; and (4) less time on the market .

We’re a network of industry leaders
Not every real estate agent, team, or brokerage can be a part of Coming Soon Homes. We're a network of top producing agents, team leaders, broker owners who believe in marketing real estate differently. The industry standard is to begin advertising a home once it makes its market debut and is available for purchase. Which is the technique most real estate agents use because It's simply the way they were taught to sell. At Coming Soon Homes, we think of your Grand Open House as our PRODUCT LAUNCH. We put all of our MARKETING POWER into promotion so that when that day comes, we've built a crowd of serious buyers and investors ready to bid on your home.

We’re a smarter way to market real estate
Innovative companies like Apple, Uber, and Netflix disrupted their industries through innovation, changed the way people interact with technology, and perfected the art of the launch. Coming Soon Homes is giving visitors access to preview homes that can’t be found anywhere else, getting homes sold faster while dramatically increasing your chance to receive multiple offers, and help change the way buyers look for homes.

How Does Coming Soon Homes Work?

Your home is typically promoted for an average of 2-4 weeks BEFORE you open the doors for showings. Here’s what that timeline looks like:

1. Before you sign an agreement with an agent-reach out to see If we have one in your area that has access to (If we don't, we will go find you THE BEST in your city!)

2. We immediately begin showcasing your home on our website as a home that is 'coming soon'. We’ll use a photo that you or our agent will take- that we use temporarily until professional photos are completed
3. We begin promoting your home via social media and email campaigns, and other forms of advertising
4. We schedule your pre-inspection, your home staging consultation, and professional photography/videography (as we complete these tasks, we slowly drip that information to buyers on our website)
5. If we intend to do a Grand Open House, we develop an open house plan. More specifically, we decide on a date, time, theme, and whether it is more advantageous to have a broker-only open house, a whole market open house , or if you prefer we can funnel all showings as one on one/private
6. We begin promoting your Grand Open House date (if we aren’t doing an Open House, we begin promoting the date your home status will change from Coming Soon to Active in the MLS)
7. Typically, the Thursday before your open house, we change the status of your home from Coming Soon to 'Active' in the MLS.
8. Open houses are typically scheduled for Saturdays/Sundays. To get the best results, we usually stop accepting offers after the following Monday at 5pm. Front load all offers into one weekend, maximizing the competitiveness of all buyer offers. 

Does Coming Soon Homes Get Results?

In one word, YES! Here is what some of our users have said!

1. “I’ve seen a 200% increase in attendees for open houses!”

2. “67% of Coming Soon homes sell at or above list price"
3. “CSH listings sell 58% faster than the market average"

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What Does It Cost To Promote My Home On Coming Soon Homes?

You may not believe it, but it is FREE!

As long as you choose to work with a real estate agent that has exclusive access to, your promotion of your home is FREE! 

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